Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Very Brief Post

Another short post tonight.

It was 48 degrees out here in the Eagle Rock/Pasadena area, and Mrs. Octopus and I went swimming tonight, outdoors, at the Rose Bowl Aquatic Center. The whole thing was insane. Luckily, the pool was heated -- super heated. It was kind of cool, with steam rising off the pool at night.

Two quick movie notes. Up the Yangtze has displaced Kung Fu Panda as the best movie I've seen this year. Movie review forthcoming. Five tentacles (out of five).

Let the Right One In, the Swedish pre-teen vampire movie, is also excellent. Review forthcoming. Four and a half tentacles.

I am almost done with Against the Day. I've been reading it on and off since the fall of 2006. That's just ridiculous. I'm excited to almost be done.

Still taking Vietnamese. Mrs. Octopus's parents now speak to me mostly in Vietnamese, as they vastly overestimate my comprehension. I do catch a lot of what they are saying, though. We are going to Vietnam in February.

A friend told me that since the election ended, this blog has lost its "mojo". That's probably true, and that's probably why you're getting posts like this. I will consider ways to reclaim my mojo.

I'm feeling better than I did on Friday, but am still not convinced this whole adulthood thing is worth it.

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