Friday, January 23, 2009

Something I Hate about L.A.

So I do actually like L.A. a lot. However, one thing I hate about L.A.: you have to fucking plan everything in advance. You can't simply call someone up and say "Hey, feel like seeing a movie?" or "Want to grab a drink?" because that would be thoughtless and rude: you wouldn't be allowing the person enough time to print out directions, make their way across town, and -- most importantly of all -- figure out where to park.

In L.A., when we are not all writing screenplays, we spend most of our time figuring out where to park. You could have hour-long discussions with people in L.A. about parking, various notorious parking structures in the city, where to park at L.A.X., how to get special parking permits, etc.

And even if the person you were trying to hang out with did have enough time to figure out how to get to where you wanted to meet, find out where to park, etc., they still wouldn't be able to come: they'd already be booked because everyone plans out their schedules three weeks in advance in L.A. so they know where they will be able to park.

But Taco Trucks. And Vitamin D from the sun. And Thai Town. And Zankou Chicken!

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Jose said...

one word, two syllables, three dollars: valet.