Friday, April 17, 2009

Automatic Transmission

Riding in the backseat of a car through the hills over the Rose Bowl in Pasadena I used to have these dreams all the time of being in the back of a car that was rolling along usually down a hill with no one driving the origin of these dreams probably had something to do with my crashing a car when I was two my mother had left me sleeping in a car seat in the back seat as she took my baby brother into the house the car was parked on our street at the top of a long steep hill while she was taking my brother in I somehow got out of my car seat got into the front seat and shifted the car into neutral and it started rolling backwards down the hill my mom saw this dropped my brother on the lawn and started chasing after the car which started picking up speed as it rolled down the hill perhaps taking out a mailbox or garbage can here and there with my mom screaming and reaching out for the car I don't remember any of this and then the story goes the car fell off the road into a ditch or a small stream -- I can't remember exactly which -- and my mom got to the car and pulled open the door and I was a little confused and scared but unhurt someone had called my dad and he raced back from his office at eighty or ninety miles an hour down the streets of Windsor, Connecticut later the back seat held happier memories as I would ride in a carpool to Montessori school with my friends and the parents would leave little picture books in the back for us to look at to acquaint and familiarize us with books to encourage us to hold and enjoy books because that would be important for us to become good students later which would be important for us to obtain positions of prestige and comfort so that we would live good lives and crashing cars before we could read was not part of that plan -- the ambitious plan for the children looking through picture books in the back seat though the thing I remember most clearly from that house in Windsor was being lifted into a tree sometime in the spring by my neighbor a girl a few years older than me named Nancy and there alone up in the tree I looked into a nest and saw the startling sky blue eggs of a robin

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