Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Steep my senses in forgetfulness

I've deleted at least three first sentences for this post. It's one of those nights. My soccer game sucked tonight. There aren't any good movies out. I feel tired all the time. Brown couch white ceiling blue tv set miss my black and white portable set that I used to watch in the mornings as I brushed my teeth before driving to Hartford through the snow sliding down the driveway one night I was driving my brother and my mom to go get Chinese food in Glastonbury it had been snowing and we slid -- very slowly -- into a snowbank luckily nothing happened but the car had to be heated so the snow packed into the bottom of the car would melt away I felt bad about that for a while and drove much more carefully afterwards polar bear chewing on the German woman already eight every morning already eleven thirty every night the medical marijuana on Colorado seems not to be opening there's a place down the street where they started building an apartment building but they just stopped it looked neat for a little while but now it's really depressing my sunflowers are taking forever to grow they're only six inches high now but they're supposed to grow to twelve to fourteen feet I want them to be gigantic and frightening and I want that now but I'll have to wait and keep watering them every morning the state motto of New Mexico is It Grows as It Goes and Kansas' is Ad Astra per Aspera which is also my motto and I have to come to grips with the reality that my favorite activity is book shopping and not book reading I need to do some more book reading some more writing and figure out what I need to do with myself.

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