Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There ain't no Florida deal

What is the rush to end every week? Racing to Friday afternoon, waking up on Thursday thinking it's Friday Mrs. Octopus on the phone with her parents speaking in Vietnamese I can understand a bit here and there and I'm watching the St. Louis Blues vs. the Vancouver Canucks in the Stanley Cup Playoffs though I haven't watched hockey much since the Whalers left Hartford in the nineties which was deeply traumatic for most people in or from Connecticut I had gone to dozens of Whalers games growing up with my uncle who had season tickets through his company behind one of the goals every time we went someone got hit or nearly hit with a puck flying off an errant slapshot there were a couple die-hard fans -- they were sort of fat and scruffy and always wore their Whalers jerseys -- who had seats behind my uncle's and apparently went to every single game and knew all the staff at the Hartford Civic Center now the XL Center and were apparently allowed to bring in their own snacks and I respected them because of their commitment it was very pure and focused at least they could really commit to something they loved I wonder why I can't do that the Civic Center caved in after a huge snowstorm in 1978 and today it's an empty husk the sun has gone down Old Time Hockey eh like Eddie Shore the days are deliciously long again spring is wonderful I was thinking as I took the long Colorado St./Eagle Rock exit ramp of the 134 admiring the young trees in bloom with tiny pink blossoms in the median spring is here the Blues and Canucks are shoving each other and falling down on top of each other even though the period's over and here comes the Zamboni


Anonymous said...

Mr. LC was a big fan of the Whale. He likes to hum their theme song every now and then. I guess the Whalers are now the Carolina Hurricanes?

So what's up with the lack of punctuation?


Octopus Grigori said...

I've been wondering that myself. I think it's a result of being fixated on punctuation and grammar for a while now: worrying about grammar started to feel restricting. Running on without punctuation seems to let things flow out whether or not they logically follow. It's definitely a pain in the ass to read, but also sort of disorienting. I won't keep it up for long.