Sunday, May 10, 2009

More than 140 characters -- but not much more

Looking back at the weekend now that I've reached the very end again: reading Less Than Zero, watching several episodes of Star Trek TOS, going for a hike in Runyon Canyon with all the dogs and beautiful people, window shopping for a new car, swimming at the Rose Bowl, visiting Mrs. Octopus' parents in Orange County, seeing Star Trek (the new movie) again, and now heading off to bed. There were many things I forgot to get around to doing. That'll all have to wait until next weekend.

My sunflowers are starting to get a bit taller, and the leaves on the plants are getting huge. There's still nothing resembling a flower on any of the plants yet -- maybe by June. The vegetables in the back are doing fine; we'll probably have some vegetables ready to eat by July or August. Plants were not made for the age of the blog post or twitter update.

We visited a model home near Mrs. Octopus' parents' house this afternoon, just for kicks; it was my first time inside a model home. I found it kind of creepy and fascinating how the real estate marketers chose to decorate the model home: they had decided that the fake family inhabiting the model home was Asian, and filled the house with seemingly random pictures of Asian people. I was also fascinated by the choice of books they placed around the house. In the "teenage boy's room" there was a copy of Modern Electroanalytical Chemistry and The Real Anita Hill. The master bedroom featured a copy of Modern Physics. The plants in the model home were, to my surprise, real. It was a strange touch. There were jars filled with cereal, goldfish crackers, etc. I thought about eating from them, but didn't. I checked the fridge: it was empty, except for a box of Arm & Hammer.

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David said...

Yo--how many tentacles for ST?