Wednesday, May 13, 2009

When Trekkies Attack

An open letter to the New Yorker:

Re "Highly Illogical" by Anthony Lane (a review of Star Trek)

I'm quite sure this letter will end up a thick file labeled "Angry Trekkies," but I will send it anyway. Anthony Lane gets Lieutenant Uhura, the Enterprise's linguist, quite wrong, in an amusingly ironic way. He says that she is "said to have 'exceptional oral sensitivity.'" Uhura is a linguist who spends most of her time listening to faint transmissions in alien languages: her exceptional sensitivity is "aural" -- not "oral."

Unfortunately for Lane, his aural sensitivity isn't quite as exceptional as Lieutenant Uhura's. Subtitles might help him with those confusing English homonyms.

Octopus Grigori
Los Angeles, California
Yeah, I know. I wouldn't publish it either.

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jose said...

i hope it gets published. even if the author got it wrong, there's no excuse for their editors to have missed it. i've really loved some of lane's reviews but he has a hard time with sci fi movies. (