Thursday, July 16, 2009

Blue Dot in Eagle Rock

I'm excited about Blue Dot, the new yogurt and acai place that recently opened here in Eagle Rock. It's on Townsend, just off Colorado (north), next to the Loft hair salon and Pollen, in the same building as Cardio Barre. The landlord of that entire building is the guy that owns the framing place next to Cardio Barre (the one that never seems to be open). He's done a really nice job with the building: all of the businesses that have opened there are great.

Blue Dot is run by a brother and sister team I believe Mike is the brother's name (I don't know the sister's name yet), Mike and Grace. They're both very nice and are always happy to chat with customers about the store, their plans for future developments at the store (exotic flavors, an oatmeal bar in winter, etc.)

The store has a very interesting interior. It's very 2001: stark white and minimalist, with a bare-bones menu on the wall behind the yogurt and acai equipment. (All they're missing is a glowing red eye somewhere in the wall.) Right now, Blue Dot has tables set up with pictures of people who sit on the various boards that had to give them approvals to open up the store. On the walls, they've taped up, with blue electrical tape, the original forms (dozens of them) of various permits and approvals they obtained, along with the receipts showing how much they had to pay for the various permits and licenses. The effect is one of an art gallery, with the shop itself as a type of kooky (edible) performance art. This must be sort of the idea the owners of Blue Dot have: on their Twitter account they're inviting local artists to hold their openings at the store. [UPDATED 8/12/09]: Mike confirmed for me that he was in fact a recent Art Center grad and that the design of the store was his senior project. This explains the SoHo-art-gallery look of the place. [UPDATED 8/25/09]: Blue Dot currently has a new photography exhibition up. The tables in the middle of the store are gone. There are now two large, round seating things.

Red Dot. Would you like some toppings with your yogurt, Dave?

The yogurt is tangy and tastier than Pinkberry's, in my opinion. The acai is a bit more expensive that the yogurt, but very good (and apparently good for you). You have the same general set of toppings for the yogurt that you would expect, based on the ubiquitous Pinkberry model (i.e., kiwi chunks, Capt. Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, blueberries, etc.). The acai comes in different pre-set varieties involving granola, strawberries, and other stuff. I tried "The Original" acai, and it was very tasty. The large size serving of the acai can probably serve as a breakfast or lunch meal.

Blue Dot is open from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. starting Friday, July 24 [updated 7/21/09]. Cash only for now, though Grace told me they will be accepting credit cards soon.


David said...

your commute is only two miles and you drive?

Octopus Grigori said...

It's more like three miles. 8 ] And I should try to bike there more often. I will try to bike there more often.

badassdadblog said...

I've been to Blue Dot twice now and will definitely go back. Both the yogurt and the Açai are quite yummy. I can definitely see doing an Açai bowl for breakfast. Carb-heavy for sure, but with all that fresh fruit you can't go too far wrong. Today I got a 1/2 Açai / 1/2 Yogurt. Quite tasty. Hopefully the foot traffic from The Loft and Cardio Barre will get them off to a strong start.