Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Spitz in Eagle Rock

As noted economic thinker Stringer Bell once observed, location is overrated. Or as he put it, “territory ain’t going to mean shit if your product is weak.” It’s all about product.

Spitz (Colorado & College View Ave.) is a place Stringer would’ve approved of, and probably would’ve stopped off at on his way to his UCLA extension economics class or to check out a new real estate development. Though he would probably have had to find street parking in his burgundy Camry: Spitz has a grand total of three (3) parking spots, and one of those is a handicap spot.

Still, as Stringer noted, it’s all about the product. And Spitz has the product. Their standard fries are in stiff competition with The Oinkster's Belgian fries for the best fries in Eagle Rock (and thus, the city). I am also a big fan of their delicious sweet potato fries. Their chicken döner is the best sandwich of its kind in the 90041. (Unfortunately, haven’t tried the Classic Döner, due to my general no-mammals rule.) They have excellent salads, and good vegetarian sandwiches, including a falafel sandwich. And they can make the stuff spicy, with a special spicy sauce and pepperonchini. And they have gelato. (One quibble: I wish Spitz had better drink options. Maybe some fresh lemonade? Different iced teas? Beer?) It’s a lot of great stuff in one tiny place, in a difficult location: up the hill from Eagle Rock Boulevard, across from the massive Orange Monster Colorado Terrace and the Thai massage place, next to the Sizzler.

I can’t say how authentic this place is. But does it matter? Do you really care? Their stuff is delicious.

Far from the commercial heart of Eagle Rock (the Colorado strip between Eagle Rock Boulevard and Townsend), Spitz can count on essentially zero foot traffic. But their product has people trekking up the little hill from Eagle Rock Boulevard and making the effort to find parking on a busy strip of Colorado near Eagle Rock Plaza, just to score another döner and some more of those fries. (The fries in particular may well be laced with some of Stringer’s own product.)

Spitz, which was started by two recent Occidental College grads, has made the most of its less-than-ideal location. They’ve created a nice outdoor patio with umbrella-shaded tables, where one can munch on a döner and contemplate the hills of Eagle Rock behind the traffic on Colorado. The interior of Spitz is not quite as inviting; it gives off the impression of an efficient product-delivery and money-making machine. That’s the vibe here, and it works: put out the strong product, sell it, make the profit, the end.

Like Stringer, Spitz is always on the lookout for a good business opportunity. They’ve recently expanded with a new location in Little Tokyo.

Adjourn your asses. And get to Spitz to re-up on those fries.


Colonel Mortimer said...

We finally went here last weekend, the doner is highly recommended for those with a taste for mammals.

The sweet potato fries were to use a phrase coined by Clay Davis "the shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit"

ps I am abstaining from the poll since I cannot make a decisive pick, if you allowed us to pick 2 or 3 options, that would make things easier to us ER residents

chanchow said...

An inspired reference to Stringer Bell!